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The New Way of Resolving Stress & Trauma

#LivewithNat and Anita Bentata

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors from the 2015 Retreat, Anita Bentata.

Anita Bentata is a highly skilled mentor facilitator with nearly 30 years experience in western and eastern science, psychology and neursocience. She is the author of The Wolf in a Suit, and soon to be released, The Truth about Love, Abuse and Therapy, as well as The Inner Essential Journey.

In this time, Anita has explored the relationship between love, stress and trauma, through research, clients, followers stories, and her journey out of trauma. She realised why people become stuck in stress/trauma, and difficult thought patterns, habits, and relationships. This led to developing The Essentials MEthod™ which is transforming lives and freeing people from relying on time consuming ‘techiques and therapy/coaching’ to manage stress.

With her calm, comforting approach, Anita inspires and imparts clarity through a practical blueprint to move beyond current perceptions into generative possibilities, free in the moment, no matter the past, or current environment. Watch her amazing interview below...

Anita's Take-Aways:

1. We're trained by society and family to listen to others who don't know what is best for us or in alignment with our inner calling, and so lose track of our inner guidance. When we see an 'expert' we continue the pattern from our parents that outisde of us, others know best, and we lose the incredible opportunities to discover more than we conceive is possible when going inwards.

2. We live in a society that focuses on and values the left brain qualities: thinking, logic, rationality, concrete reality, learning from the past. But the left brain does not know the unknown, and so it repeats what is known.

3. Little Red Riding Hood was told to stick to the path. We are often told 'what the right path' should look like, whether in business or relationships.

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