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Retribution or Rehabilitation

#LiveWithNat and Sue Willoughby

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Sue Willoughby.
Sue Willoughby is the author of the book RETRIBUTION OR REHABILIATION - Hope for a Life Beyond Maximum Security Prison.

Sue has been able to achieve a lifelong goal of leading a purposeful life by helping people to escape the cycle of incarceration.

In her book, she describes what it’s like working inside a maximum-security gaol daily alongside criminals convicted of extremely violent crimes. She gives the public a glimpse of life inside the prison walls. The gaol that she works in, Macquarie Correctional Centre, is in regional NSW and it is applying principles that have be found to be successful in other gaols around the world, mainly Scandinavian gaols.

In RETRIBUTION OR REHABILIATION, there is an interview with a person who has recently been released from maximum security gaol. The words are written just as he has said them, and this interview will give the reader insight into a new age of rehabilitation. Watch the interview below...

Sue's Takeaways:

1. That by imprisoning a person for a crime they have committed and then not giving them the opportunity to change their criminal mindset and value their own self-worth will not achieve the result of decreasing imprisonment rates

2. That to give all people a second chance, to be able to give them hope for their own future

3. To treat all people the way that you would like to be treated. When you treat people with respect you will usually receive the same treatment reflected back to you

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