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Success Leaves Clues 

The 10 Traits of those from the Abundance Sector

Life is not meant to be easy or boring! Our comfort zone's are there to be stretched and we were designed to be moving with purpose and to have things that get us out of bed and into the world making our mark, creating impact and improving our lives. 

By helping others achieve their dreams, ours get taken care of too.  By giving we get in return.  Yet there is a big lack mentality in our world today.  Why is this I often think to myself.  Why is it that people feel in competition with others, hold tightly to their money or possessions, compare apples with pears and at times sabotage others...  There is this thinking of if I lose you will win or if I win you lose.  Is this true?

As I have grown on this journey, I get to meet more and more people in the abundance sector of humanity.  I have noticed some obvious traits that are common amongst them.  Here are the 10 things that are in commonality:

  1. They are ready and willing to help in the blink of an eye.  They know the importance of having a great network and are great connectors.  They look to help without wanting anything in return.  They know if they do this they will be taken care of in some other way.
  2. They work hard, are super disciplined and know the effort required to achieve their goals.  
  3. They invest in expert help as they value their time and efforts.  Most importantly they follow through when investing as they don't like to be wasteful with their investments.
  4. They invest in assets and work on a long term strategy that will get to a point of having choice in their lives.
  5. They are amazing networkers and are know by many people.  They say 'Yes' first then work out the 'How'.
  6. They don't gossip or talk about others negatively.  They encourage and take responsibility for their own results and failings.  They don't blame or winge.
  7. They are on a journey of constant and never ending improvement always looking to solve new problems and achieve bigger levels of success.
  8. They work on their mindset and look to grow and bust  their limiting beliefs.  They too have fear but take action anyway.
  9. They know there is unlimited amount of money in the world and that the only limit is the time they have on this planet.  
  10. They understand life has ups and downs and when down they are able to find the courage to pick themselves up and try again the next day.

Success leaves clues and requires a resilience and responsibility.  If you are not getting the results you want, interview those that are and dig deep into the how they do it, how they think and what they say to themselves.  Then start doing the same for yourself.  Don't expect things to change overnight.  It will take some time, effort and commitment.

The universe will throw challenges your way many times to test you if you are worthy of your success.  These will come in the form of getting ill, accidents, roadblocks, undesirable outcomes and freaky events that often are manifested by our sub-conscious mind who is trying to keep us safe and within our comfort zone.  

I see it all the time with my authors to be.  The most freaky things start happening to them as they lead into the last month to their Ultimate 48 Hour Author retreat.  I have now created a 30 minute Mindset webinar that I send to them one month out as I know things will start happening as they embark on the journey of becoming an author for the first time.

Watch out for signs, clues and tests you will get on your journey... Take time to find the meaning behind it, I don't believe anything is good or bad luck - its manifestation of our thoughts, feelings and energy.   Have an awesome weekend ahead.

Love Nat x

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