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Get Over Your Sales Mental Funk

Fall in Love with What you have to Offer….

I love Selling! I am so sold on my Product and Service, I want everyone to experience how great it is.  I am in love with what I do and how it helps others do what they love to do.  How about you?  Do you love selling your product or service?

So what it is about selling that is such a dirty word in this world for the majority of people?  Is it that we have been painted a picture a long time ago of a pushy car salesman and worry that is the exact picture others will have of us?  What is this perception that is out there that selling is sleazy and bad…

If people don’t sell to others we would have a world invested with problems and lack of growth and evolution.  Our ideas and advancement comes from someone having sold an idea to someone else and making their life easier.  Other people hear about it and then the idea scales to greater levels until one day it’s a standard way to solve that problem. 

Lets talk about SELLING as SERVING.  Here are 7 new ways you can ReFrame how you have painted sales in your mind:

  1. If you don’t sell, you don’t serve.  When you don’t serve you don’t make a difference to other people’s lives.  When you don’t make a difference to other people’s lives you don’t make a difference to yours.  It’s a Cycle…
  2. Selling solves a problem.  It makes someone’s life easier whether it is via a product or service.  Its helps them get to their goals faster.
  3. Selling is about listening and being interested.  Talk less 20% listen more 80%.  You will find the problem and desire a lot easier and figure out if it’s a match to your solution.
  4. Selling comes after there is a relationship.  Focus on building and nurturing your relationships and you won’t feel like you are ever doing any hard sells or those that make you squirm.
  5. Selling keeps your business alive and looks after your core and family.  Without that you will be back in a JOB.
  6. Selling brings you unlimited earning potential.  How far or big do you want to go? 
  7. The worst that can happen is people say ‘No’ and every ‘No’ gets you closer to a ‘Yes’  Just do it and ask for the sale!

People buy people and they buy what you value and believe.  From the moment you meet someone you are planting little seeds in their mind about who you are, what you value, how you interact and if you can be trusted. 

Be switched on and present at all times when you are around people, listen and be interested.  Overcome objections before they arise and build in a framework that you can refine as you grow into the most amazing salesperson.  There are many books out there that teach these skills and trainings that are awesome to attend. 

The best lesson are learnt while doing.  I have read the books, been to training, but it is only when I test something, repeat it, refine it and adjust it over time that I have improved and got bigger results.  People come with different selling styles, some soft some hard.  Find the one that is authentic to you and work on improving that.  Always have a call to action in everything you do. 

Bring the Hustler in you out and change the world.

Love Nat x

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