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One Mum’s Journey with Twins on the Autism Spectrum

#LivewithNat and Joanne Copeland

Hello everybody, happy new week! Here's another Monday morning live with me, Natasa Denman, featuring one of my supermum-authors, Joanne Copeland.

Joanne was an Executive Assistant, an Auditor, then a stay-home Mum, who worked part-time, when she could, as an integration aide or in administration roles. She is a mother of 4, with girl/boy twins, who were diagnosed with autism at 2 years of age.  

Joanne has written her book Footsteps of Two  to share knowledge, hope and inspiration with her readers.  Her story is raw, personal and hides no emotion, with the highs and lows, faced when lives are turned upside down. Always being there for her children was the first priority.   Joanne had to give so much more of herself to find ways to support twins Zalie and Flynn to be the best they could be. Not forgetting she was also a mother to Bryce and Anaye.  Her book guides readers to be positive and strong to realise anything is possible when you find the right path.  

Find out more about Joanne's story below...

3 Key takeaways:   

Acceptance of your current circumstance

Commitment to work on any obstacle you may have

Determination - never give up, there is a way forward

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