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Navigating Life With Parkinson's

#LiveWithNat & Claire White

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Claire White.

Claire is a trained and Registered General and Obstetric Nurse in Timaru, New Zealand. Returning to French Polynesia, she was a Registered Nurse in a cosmetic surgeon’s clinic saving for travels. Born in Leeston, New Zealand, she was immersed in the local farming community with hardworking and generously community-minded parents who continue to serve others.

Claire was told by many to write about her adventurous life on land, sea, and air as she has a zesty, enthusiastic passion for life. Embracing her time as a teenage exchange student in French Polynesia profoundly influenced her life. Immersed in the vibrant culture, she found herself drawn to the brave, adventurous yachties who fearlessly explored distant shores, inspiring her own sense of adventure.

As a young bride in Western Australia’s outback Derby, she started her own Girl Guide Company and learned to fly and paint. However, due to her marital status, she was not able to continue as a nurse. She was instrumental in changing this discriminatory judgment of others. Saddened by leaving the Kimberley region for Darwin, she faced the challenges with courage. In Darwin, she thrived in Accident and Emergency Nursing, enjoyed camping in Kakadu, and led Brownies. She pursued diverse interests like music, midwifery, and sailing while overcoming fears, performing on the piano at The Cool Spot and embracing singlehood anew.

Claire embodies compassion and resilience, consistently exceeding expectations in her work. She acquired expertise in hyperbaric medicine, providing care for divers with the bends, patients with carbon monoxide poisoning, and those with anaerobic non-healing wounds. Her dedication led her to attend a hyperbaric medicine conference in Baltimore, USA. Through house minding, she financed a year of travels, exploring destinations such as Tahiti, Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Using frequent flyer points, Claire returned to Darwin for her fifth International Yacht Race combining a flotilla of the world’s majestic Tall Ships with 50-year celebrations for Indonesia’s independence from Dutch rule. Between international yacht races, Cairns to Papua New Guinea and Darwin to Indonesia, she met Errol whilst wearing a Can-Can outfit at Darwin Sailing Club. She gained her radio operator’s license, and assisted with twice daily position checks for the next three annual Darwin to Ambon Indonesia yacht races until civil unrest caused them to voyage the Kimberley for about 20 years.

Denying Parkinson's Disease for years, now after a reverse sea-change for safety, Claire offers creativity through yoga, piano singalongs, and ukulele jams as they passionately raise awareness and funds for research and a cure.

3 Takeaways:

1. Proactivity - How life’s experiences and attitudes can shape us into who we are. If it is to be, it is up to me.

2. Hope, help and inspiration for those dealing with Parkinson’s from the perspectives of the sufferer, spouse/family member, carer, nurse and first mate.

3. Golden Rule - Life is full of challenges, and it’s how we react and navigate that teaches us.

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