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How I ran a 7-figure business with No Assistant

...and if I had to go back again I would outsource earlier...

In order to scale our businesses we all have to engage the help of others along the way. Our team will grow, our responsibilities will grow exponentially and we must learn to let go of the need to do it all ourselves. I always thought outsourcing was necessary, I just didn't play the right strategy when I should have. Nevertheless I successfully pulled of a 7 figure turnover in 12 months last year without an assistant. I do have my husband who works in the business as my support around the time he is not taking care of our children and the family's needs. We juggle a lot between the two worlds of family and business and overall I would say put in full time hours +++ in both areas.

One thing we are great at is teamwork.  Everyone knows their priorities and when they are done helps the other person finish up what they have to.  Our values are complimentary to each other which is a blessing.  So how did I do it... Aside from being an organised person these are 3 things I do that allow me to get to everything and everyone in a timely and super quick manner.  I am known for my quick response time and always replying to everyone that has been in contact with me

1. I am always ready well before I need to be.  I have presentations prepared, bags packed, checklists ready and venues and travel booked 6 months at a time.  I always leave and work in time for unforeseen circumstances.  Even having 3 tiny kids that seemingly make most parents late to things, I have never been late anywhere because of my children social occasions included.  I build in a buffer almost triple what I think I need and if I am ready and waiting, that is ok, I keep myself busy with an activity that I may need to do later.  I am always to arrive somewhere early and than kill time being productive while I wait for the right time to arrive.

2.  My follow up system is set in stone.  I have the same steps that I follow after a networking event, workshop or speaking event.  I execute these within 24 hours of those events and then know all has been followed through on and people are not waiting on me and what I have promised.  I did this all myself last year and my husband gave me a hand when he could.  Thankfully my VA is now onto this on my behalf.  I have never failed to follow through on my follow up system no matter how tired, time poor or unmotivated I feel.

3.  I keep a very clean, organised and clutter free office and home.  I declutter every 6-12 months and teach my children to do the same.  We make room so our space is easy to access, our drawers and cupboards are only half to 3/4 full.  When I need to find something I do in a few seconds as it has a home and I know to access it there.  This saves so much time.  Similar to my computer which also has folders and areas where I know I can access what I need super fast.  These 2 systems have allowed me to be assistant free for this long.

Last of all I use the best planning system I developed for my business consistently day after day and year after year. If you want to learn more about this system check out the webinar I ran on this late last year. I developed and created my own Ultimate 2016 Success Planner which sold out in a matter of weeks so please don't ask me for a physical one.  I will create more for 2017 so watch out for those.

Love Nat x

P.S. Don't wait for too long to outsource, I waited a whole year until I had written more systems which I never did, I took the leap to hire a VA at the start of this year with no systems and within 2 weeks had over 30 hours of work for her created.  Say Yes then work out the How!  The system will come when you have someone waiting to use them...