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Hidden Blessings in Unfortunate Events

#LivewithNat and Hellena Bazán

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her Amazon #1 Bestselling authors, Hellena Bazán.

An International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Amazon Best Seller Author, Hellena Bazán was born and raised in Mexico City where she got her BA in Marketing. She then moved to Australia in 2008, leading in the fitness industry, and was the first Zumba Instructor in the Illawarra region in 2010, dancing to the present. As a consequence of wanting to help people not only physically but mentally and emotionally, Hellena became a Life Coach in 2016, developing her lifetime project of The Ripple of Love helping thousands of people become the best version of themselves. Also, she has been a Master Trainer in Fitness since 2019. Hellena is a single Mum, based in Brisbane, QLD. She is always striving for the best for her daughter and herself, becoming a beacon of love for her community. Hellena is the author of "Are You Ready for Your Awakening" published this year and became Amazon's #1 Bestseller. Let's listen to her story/journey...

3 Key Takeaways

• Self-LOVE is paramount to truly live. • JOY is the greatest healer. • Wise choice between love vs fear.

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