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Adult Gap Year - Regain Your Life through Travel & Adventure

#LivewithNat and Jenny Cook

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her Amazon #1 Bestselling authors, Jenny Cook.

Jenny Cook is an artist, businesswoman, educator, instructional designer, mentor, facilitator, yoga teacher, published author, world traveller, and lifelong learner. She is the author of the bestseller book " Adult Gap Year".And she is also a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a bulldog owner, and a life enthusiast, Jenny attributes the early loss of both her parents to her zest to live life while you have it! So it was no surprise to many when, after raising a family, moving seaside and renovating their dream home, Jenny and her husband Rob ‘pulled the plug’ on the normal rat-race of life. Jenny and Rob packed up and set out on a year of travel in search of the freedom to recharge and regain their lives. Then an Adult Gap Year was born. In embarking on the trip, designing her life her way, hoping to inspire others to follow her lead and find their highest self through adventure.

Watch the video below...

3 Key takeaways:

1. You only live once – enjoy life, live the dream

2. Travel & adventures – stories to tell & treasure 3. Health & Happiness regained Learn more about Jenny Cook here:

Thank you for watching!


Nat xx

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