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Changing your story to become who you want to be and following your dreams...

"How to be encouraged even when circumstances seem against you."

Hello everybody! I am excited to share with you our topic for today together with the gorgeous Dr. Amanda Nickson.

Dr. Amanda Nickson is the author of Living by Faith. A highly regarded speaker and teacher in her professional life as a Social Worker, Amanda has a PhD in Social Work and is recognised in her field as an expert in social work supervision.

Whilst an accomplished social worker, Amanda is focusing on her first love and passion, her Christian faith, and how living by faith is at the core of everything she does.

After a powerful experience that could’ve left her paralysed, Amanda shares her experiences in an engaging and confident way that leaves the audiences feeling connected and plugged in.

Amanda’s passion is to encourage others in their journey of faith and to help bring people to a closer personal relationship with God.

Watch the interview below!

Hope you guys gained something of value from this talk. Thank you very much for watching, til next week!

Love Nat xx