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5 Ways Book Mentoring Courses let you down...

Avoid the Pitfalls and Author Your Way to Riches

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Since becoming an author 6 years ago and now having helped love 150 entrepreneurs complete their journey to authoring I have uncovered things that work, things that are missing and things you should avoid when embarking on your authoring journey…  Here are the top 7 pitfalls of what to avoid:

  1. The people helping you have not done themselves or have no proof of anyone they have helped (big warning light here, its an obvious one but I have come across those that call themselves book coaches and yet they have never authored themselves)

2. There is mentoring but no publishing component. These guys may be super awesome but only take you part of the way there. Often I have found there is a lower completion rate from these courses because of this missing crucial step - getting your book physically in your hands.

3. There is publishing and book mentoring but not component of marketing education on how to leverage and make your book a success. I came across this one just the other day and could not believe that someone could offer one but not the other. The whole point is to monetise your book and build the visibility around it.

4. Self-publishing companies that do Done for you Marketing. Big WARNING here - they get you in at a lower package price for the publishing component and then they try to upsell you to packages that are done for you anything upwards of $10-$50K or more - with NO GUARANTEES!

5. Courses that run over a long period of time like 6-12months or more. Who wants to wait that long to complete their books. I know I didn’t when I wrote my first book and still don’t. With focus, a system and step by step writing a book can be done quick and easy.

Love Nat x