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Wired for Survival NOT Success

Finding and Following the Path of More Resistance

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As human beings we are wired to survive not succeed! Hmmm… something to think about. Success has to be learned and developed just like any habit that is good for us. Otherwise, as human beings we will always look for the magic bullet and elect to follow the path least resistant. Here are some common examples where this proves to be the case in everyday life and let’s divide it in 4 key areas: Health, Relationships, Business and Money.

Health – the fact our world is experiencing an obesity epidemic shows us we choose the path of least resistance – buying packaged ready to eat food, take away and whatever crap will keep us full so that we only ensure survival. Similar with movement – if you don’t exercise (which is the path of least resistance) you won’t die. You may be unfit, unhealthy and sluggish but generally it’s not threatening to our survival.

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Flip the coin to the path of more resistance and you find those that choose to cook, shop and prepare healthy, spend time planning and make time to exercise. Outcome – definitely a longer life but more so success spreads in every area of their life and they can maintain it with the extra energy they have. Definitely not easy – but totally worth it.

Relationships – The path of least resistance is to not communicate – it’s easier, less hurtful and keeps the peace – so you think. It’s easier not to make the effort to go out on dates and stay on the couch for another Friday or Saturday night eating junk food in front of the TV.

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You would know if you made the effort and took the path of more resistance and planned the date, made an effort and connected you always say ‘I am so glad we did this. I didn’t feel like it, but we took the action and the feeling later was on or connection and love.’ This applies to any relationships in your life not just your lover.

Money – The path of least resistance is to continue producing the same results in money as you always had – your money blueprint as some people call it. It’s safe, it’s predicable and this is why so many stay in their day jobs. It’s not threatening to their survival – as we are wired for survival not success. Live within your means, have the same challenges as you always do but you know what – it’s safe and what is what matters most to our lizard brain.

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Let’s flip it – to make more money you must increase the value you bring into the world. How is it what you do impact other people’s lives and businesses. The more it helps them the more you will earn as a result. To do this, you must innovate, evolve and work on your limiting beliefs to smash through your money blueprint. That is the path of more resistance – its uncomfortable, filled with moments of doubt and setbacks along the way. Also its threatening to your tribal inclusion as if you grow too much – you may not be accepted by your current tribe. Definitely death in some people’s books! And totally untrue.

Business – this one is my favourite. So you start a business and you don’t know what you don’t know. You think the business will grow just because you have a computer and you know how to use Facebook. You hide behind your computer for way too long because it’s the path of least resistance. You avoid follow up to avoid asking for the sale in light of getting rejected – because after all that can mean death in some people’s books – again fear of not being good enough and not belonging coming up here. And you wonder why so many businesses fail…

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Path of more resistance is learning and practicing how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Leaving the comfort zone of your home, speaking to people, being a speaker, spreading your message even when you know you will be criticised (it is unescapable after all) taking risks that can mean being vulnerable and maybe even putting your family in a vulnerable position. I could go one – but I am sure by this stage you get it – let me remind you:

We are wired for survival not success!

How will you trick your lizard brain to zag when everyone else is zigging?

Something to think about – what will you do differently tomorrow?

Work Hard – Play Hard!

Love Nat x