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Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat - Day 2 Summary

Where the books really come to life...

Today is always the main day of the retreat.  The majority of the work gets completed and the transformation of 'I am not sure I can do this' to 'I am so excited I have done it' comes to life.  I love seeing the authors shift and change before my eyes.  We have lots of activities, education and action that gets covered to ensure not just success with completing a book but also the marketing that needs to be put in place for when the book comes out.

We started of with an exercise session at 7am.  I use a 7 Minute Workout App on my phone and myself and 4 others did the intense workout to get started with tons of energy for the big day ahead.  We showered, got ready, had breakfast and started the day at 8:30am.  The first half of the day was Social Media focussed and many questions were raised.  Francesca spoke on Facebook and Stuart on LinkedIn.   I covered video and You Tube.   It's one of those topics that always gets so much curiosity especially for those that don't use social media much.

We were in an out of training and recording until just before lunch.  I had some filming done during session 2 with a professional filming crew for another project I am doing.  As the day progressed, I chatted to a few authors about some blocks and challenges that were coming up for them and it was great to help them along and get them moving again.  

During lunch we had a larger portion break where people just ate quickly and kept working on their recordings.  We finished the teach segments today on publicity and how to find and get it in the lead up of the book release.  The authors have been so wonderful and helpful to one another also.  They are working together as a team and on their own to achieve success on this journey.

Our official part of the day finished with some logistics before tomorrow and a rest in our rooms for 90 minutes before our Fancy Dress night themed 'Goddesses' as we have an all female retreat this time around.

Around 6:30pm I started getting knocks on my door for hair and make up help - gotta love the girly prep with a glass of red.  

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We met at the common room at 7 everyone laughing and checking out each others outfits.  The ladies looks gorgeous!  Dinner was super fun and nice to connect on a more social level.  As soon as we scoffed dessert off we went back to our suite for some Happy Hour evening drinks.  The fun started to get louder and louder as the night progressed.  Everyone was feeling super comfortable with each other and starting to get more rowdier. 

At around 10 pm we decided we would give the spa another go.... Last night it was cold, we thought we had it fixed during the day, but in reality it was still not warm enough to be comfortable.  As the drinks warmed us up, 6 of us decided that we can brave the chill and jump in anyway doing some fun water aerobics and jumps in the cooler pool and then back to the spa. I must say it worked quite well and we had a lot of laughs.  Here is the Facebook live of what we did....

I stayed in for 30 minutes after which I went to clean up, wash my hair so I can be getting ready for the photoshoot tomorrow.  I will have a 6am rise to complete my packing, hair and make up before I start getting some of the knocks on my door for more beauty treatments in our suite.  I am having so much fun, this group has really been an unforgettable experience and so unique in a wonderful way.  

I look forward to a massive wrap up tomorrow and wonderful memories to hold on to for life.

Love Nat x

P.S. Check us out exercising in the spa to keep warm :)

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