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Think Different, Win Big - Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace

#LiveWithNat & Jonathan Laloz

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Jonathan Laloz.

Jonathan Laloz is the author of Think Different, Win Big.

With over two decades of firsthand experience navigating the intricate labyrinth of professional challenges as an autistic individual with ADHD, Jonathan has carved out a unique niche as an expert in neurodiversity. Drawing from his personal journey and extensive research, he adeptly guides neurodivergent individuals towards reaching their potential. Simultaneously, he collaborates with organisations, facilitating them in harnessing and leveraging the unparalleled strengths and innovative perspectives of neurodivergent minds.

As the esteemed author of the groundbreaking book, Think Different, Win Big, Jonathan offers profound insights for employers, underscoring the immense value of understanding and nurturing neurodiverse talent. Beyond the pages, he wears multiple hats - an eloquent Australian keynote speaker, an engaging workshop facilitator known for interactive and impactful sessions, and a relentless advocate.

With an unwavering passion and dedication, Jonathan champions the cause of neurodiversity, shining a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals across the globe.

1. Have an open mindset and be open to new ways of thinking

2. Look at how you support people in the workplace

3. Tell your neurodiversity story

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