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The Rollercoaster of Business

#LiveWithNat & Francesca Moi

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring her sister from another mother, the Meetup Queen, Francesca Moi.

Francesca is a Best-Selling Author of 3 books, a Social Media Strategist and a Global Business & Mindset Coach. She is the CEO of Empowering Events and Empowering Virtual Solution and the founder of the Sold Out Business Academy. Her latest book is “Invisible to Invincible!”

Francesca’s determination, infectious personality and actionable insights will captivate your guests. Wowing and adding incredible value to your event. In less than 4 years, Francesca has gone from $120 revenue to over $1.5 million dollars in business. Serving a community of over 450 entrepreneurs, who support and transform alongside one another. The results her client’s experience inside the Sold Out Business Academy speak volumes.

Francesca’s proven strategies take business owners from a one-on-one business model, trading time-for-money, into a profitable and scalable business - online and offline by following her simple organic strategies.

Not only that, Francesca is also impacting the world globally with her Virtual Assistant Agency! Matching time-poor business owners with social media superstars trained in these exact strategies.

Francesca is the perfect example of how a mindset can transform your business, continually growing to serve her clients at the highest level, so they too, can grow.

3 Key Takeaways:

1. My book has taken on a life of its own – I’m simply the messenger
2. You have to get better at talking and marketing your book
3. How to change your way to create a wealth plan

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