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The Author Mindset

How you need to Think when embarking on a journey to Authorship...

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As I am in the business of helping service based business owners become first time published authors as a way of positioning themselves to be credible, start attracting higher quality opportunities and be seen as the experts,  I also get to see 1000's of them each year that want to do this but never take the leap to follow through.

So why is Authoring so Hard?  Is it time, is it money or it is something completely different deep inside that is holding these people back from fulfilling usually a life-long desire to be a published author.  Lets unpack all three of these in a bit more detail.

By the way, the first two are just excuses... as the saying goes: If it's important enough you will find a way and if its not you will find an excuse.

1. TIME - This one is generally used by fairly successful people that think they don't have the time to write a book.  That is also partly the reason I created the Ultimate 48 Hour Author program as I myself was really impatient to wait for results and I knew that super busy people (successful or yet to be) also didn't have time to waste either.  People know their stuff and can speak on their stuff so execution in 48 hours is the fastest way to get this project done and dusted.  

But the time Time Excuse still rears it's head.  Why is this?  For those that are already well established and making money from their business, this becomes just another task to complete and if its not top of their list, then it never happens.  At the end of the day they are really great at hustling, their is no pressure to come up with something that will make them even busier and so it goes on the back burner.  For those yet to succeed, they desperately want this business card on steroids but their issue is their mindset and so the old 'It's not the right time', 'I'll come to you when I get a few clients and have the money' scenario.  We will go into mindset deeper soon.

2. MONEY - if you think back to something you desperately wanted but didn't know how you would afford, what did you do?  Once again I will bring the old saying If it's important enough you will find a way and if its not you will find an excuse.  Authoring is definitely something you must invest in and it should be a leap of faith experience.  The biggest hesitation I see are:


This comes up simply because the person does not trust themselves in following through.  The questions I suggest they ask themselves is this: AM I WILLING TO DO THE WORK?

If you are willing to do the work then it will work, because those willing to do the work follow through, pick themselves up from unsuccessful attempts and go again.  They don't stop just because someone criticised their work or didn't see it the same way.  They know to stand in their power and ignore those that are not part of the tribe and community they want to build and deliver value to those that are.

Back to the money - there are many different ways to fund an authoring process.  I won't go into much detail about it here, but some of our financially challenged authors have been able to find Sponsors for their books, get involved into Crowd Funding and work their butts of during the pre-release time frame to sell as many books as possible before the book has come out.  There is a way always if you deeply desire something.

3. MINDSET -in reality this is what it truly boils down to.  How a person thinks and looks at themselves.  The biggest reason people don't follow through on becoming as author is The Fear of Success and getting stuck in the Procrastination Cycle.  If I become successful, I will be criticised, I may become too busy so I won't see my family or have a balanced life.  Blah blah blah.  What BS!  Success brings your dreams to reality, you can outsource most of your tasks nowadays and run your business anywhere from the globe.  Don't worry about something that you actually haven't arrived at as yet.  You don't know what you don't know as you haven't done it.  

Speaking from experience and having seen well over 100 people now become published authors, their lives are so different and transformed from the experience.  I have come to realise this: IT'S ACTUALLY NOT ABOUT WRITING THE BOOK, BU THE PERSON YOU BECOME AT THE OTHER END OF IT.

At the other end of you holding your book lives increased confidence, new found self respect, new ability to attract the thins you want and increase in self worth.

Don't hold yourself back, step up and step out loud and proud.  Don't be selfish and hold all that valuable information inside you, share and know that there is always someone out there looking for what you have to offer!

Have an awesome week all!

Love Nat x

P.S. Check out the looks on people faces when they hold their books for the first time.  PRICELESS.

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