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Routines are the Foundation to Success;

Repetition is the Mother of all Skill

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Human beings thrive on routine.  From the time we are babies and children we see that the best performance comes out of routine an creating a long lasting habit. 

As much as a lot of us look to escape the 9-5 world, that routine works for the majority of the world and is sustainable for a long period of time.  Don’t get me wrong, I quit the 9-5 world six years ago and love the flexibility my life has nowadays and the choices I get to make as a result, but the thing is, I have come full circle and thrive on my daily routines that get me consistent and exponential results.  The difference is I get to choose those routines for myself and if they don’t make me happy I simply readjust and innovate how my days look.

The early years in business were a bit of a mess.  Lots of work time not much pleasure.  There was total imbalance and sacrifice.  But I must say as my purpose has become clearer, as I have become smarter in the way I do things, as I have innovated and systemised, my life has an awesome balance and time to enjoy every aspect of it.  So here is how my day, weeks and years routines go:

Daily – Workdays I exercise to start the day – I only work Mon to Thursday but those are long days usually from morning to 10pm with a 2 hour break for dinner and an hour at the end of the day to switch my brain off.  I check emails and social twice a day.  I have one coffee at day at 10:30am.  Lunch is at 1 for 20 mins and I keep going.  Fri to Sun I sleep in and do whatever my heart desires.  Friday is usually Mama Xara day as the other 2 kids are in school.

Weekly  - I attend/host 2 events every week on average.  I have a meeting on Sunday night with my husband/business partner to plan out the week ahead, I prepare my power points on Sunday night in just an hour of power.  I look at my week, set my goals, actions and intentions.

Monthly – I do my bookkeeping always in my first week of the new month and check in all the numbers, reports and YTD figures.  I follow up anything that has bounced or is owing (that’s why I hardly ever have any bad debtors) 

Yearly (always have a pre-tax planning meeting in April and the full financial year in July – I am the first one at my accountants to get that sorted) I plan my full year of events – book all my venues, book all flights in 6 months blocks in one go, look at setting up new collaborations and JV’s moving forward and seek out speaking opportunities) I decide what I need to stop doing and start doing that will be make me more effective, efficient and productive.

Because of this many have said my life appears perfect from the outside.  I have to say I am happy, very happy with my ability to stay consistent.   There are moments that I can be out of routine, like when I travel and do a series of events over a few weeks but I do my best to keep my routine even when not in my space.  This teaches my kids self discipline and integrity to themselves and others. 

In life there will be moments when we will feel overwhelmed and we may even need to wing it without falling apart.  The most important things is to create a space that you can enjoy your vocation and your family while also creating time for you. 

I continuously search for ways that I can do things in less time and learn from others on what works and what doesn’t.

Consistency is king – success comes from routine and repetition.  Mastery follows after that.  Enjoy the journey and strive for constant and never ending improvement in your life and business.

Work Hard – Play Hard!

Love Nat x

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