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Repetition is the Mother of all Skill

The Secret to all those that have Created and Maintained Success

People often see me from the outside or meet me fresh for the first time and think I have been blessed with the kind of business, body, family or life I have.  They fail to see what it actually took and is continuously taking to create all those things to look the way they do nowadays.  I'd like to focus on the business stuff first.

When I started out I was not good at:

  • Creating a website or any techy stuff like CRM's 
  • Writing Email
  • Sales copy 
  • Writing a book
  • Filming Videos
  • Networking
  • Public speaking
  • Marketing of any kind
  • Social Media
  • Sales and conversion
  • The list can go on and on....

So what did I do?  I started playing, I played consistently and wasted a lot of time stuck on problems or areas I just had no idea how to solve.  I wasn't scared I would break something or make an error or even put out something that was below par.  The fact is, I didn't know any better, I was doing the best I can with what I had available to me.  I come across some of my older flyers and cringe, but you know what, they were at least created and used.  Most people don't even create something because they worry it's not going to be perfect.  What a BS excuse to not do the work... Stop priding yourself on beign a perfectionist - its Looping and Insanity!

A big one I get is that apparently I am so good at techy stuff and social media.  Well I am now, six years of trialling, playing, testing and measuring.  I wasn't any good at the beginning.  All I knew was how to send and receive an emails and browse the internet.

Videos are also a thing that gets commented on.  I recommend you visit my You Tube Channel and flick back to 5-6 years ago and watch some of my first videos, the ones I did for the pre-release campaign for my first book The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss are particularly funny to watch.  It's like I am a different person LOL....

There is often not much talent involved in getting good at this stuff.  Repetition is the mother of all skill!  Are you willing to stick out the time it takes to get good at the things in your business that will propel you forward.  There are no shortcuts, just repetition and consistency over a long period of time.

My life, my family, my relationships and my body are the same.  I wasn't blessed to have them as they are, I work at my communication with my family, I work on my marriage and how we create our future and I work on what I put in my body and how I move it.  There is time to do everything, it's whether you value these things or not.  Most importantly what value do you put on yourself and the fact you deserve to have every happiness and desire in your life come true.

Don't be lazy. Do the work. Live a life full of Purpose.

Work Hard - Play Hard!

Love Nat x

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