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Online Marketing for Passive Income

Being stretched in a new direction has been an interesting journey...

The past 48 hours I have spent in lockdown with Kylee Ellis in Nelson Bay in NSW creating and launching my very first super deep and valuable sales funnel.  OMG its been quite the stretch I must say.  I love that I can put something up on social media and generate sales regularly my normal way, but I have never set up something on auto-pilot as we have done the last 2 days. 

Firstly I must say I was truly impressed with Kylee's depth of knowledge and work she has put into her business the last 10 years.  She has coded and developed this awesome back end system that does it all.  That's as far as I can explain it as sitting now at the airport all of it is done and completed.  We still have these 2 weeks to test it all and iron out any coding mishaps but I have generated over 70 new leads and 6 sales in just the first few hours. 

I am also being my own customer so I take the journey of my new system to make sure the experience is just as great.  I must say, what we did was very technical but at the same time creative.  We navigated around hic ups and stayed focussed the whole weekend.  I know this will be so worth it.

On of my biggest challenges lately is that I have this opportunity to do international collaborations but as my stuff is mostly face to face with events, speaking and retreats, I felt I had nothing to offer or funnel those leads I would drive from everywhere in the world.  Well now I do - woo hoo!

Some of the things we did this weekend included:

  • Filming 10 Videos for the funnel
  • Setting up Auto-responders
  • Uploading of everything on my You Tube Channel
  • Embedding videos in the system so it looks proper and complete
  • Creating Checklists as bonuses to videos
  • Blasting out our journey on the main social media channels
  • Testing as much as we can to make sure it was all working (this is a work in progress as we test over the next 12 weeks the full completion of the delivery of everything)   
  • Learning out how and where to find cold traffic to drive to the funnel 
  • so much more....

I think my brain hurts but in a good way I must say.  I am now ready to go back to my collaborations that are waiting for me and blast this out event further.  My awesome Facebook Ads team will be doing their magic with FB ads for me and testing it out even further.  My warm market are already onto it which is super exciting to see what they think.

I am sure you are interested also after my super amazing experience and curious to see how it works and the best bit is you can trial it all for Free!  So here are a few links you may like to go and check out about what i created and to hear more from Kylee herself as I am interviewing her tomorrow and she is running an awesome webinar next Wednesday.

Here's the access links...Just click on the names to be taken to the appropriate spot:

Love Nat x

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