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Movement as Medicine

Featuring Fiona Naayen, the Physio on a Roll

Hello everybody, here we are again on our Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of the health and fitness experts, Fiona Naayen.Fiona Naayen is a physiotherapist with over 29 years of experience working in Australia and abroad. A gifted educator, Fiona combines her first-class technical knowledge and exercise prescription skills with the latest research to provide innovative and holistic exercises to her clients. She is passionate about using movement and exercise as medicine and her clients praise her ability to motivate and teach all age groups with humour and compassion. Fiona’s use of the foam roller in her recent book “Let it Roll” is imaginative and effective and clearly demonstrates the added dimension a foam roller can give to exercises….almost a home gym….all “rolled” up in a convent, accessible, space-saving tool.

Key takeaways: 

1. Why you should be incorporating a foam roller in your daily routine.

2. Importance of exercise in general, especially as you age

3. How to start and build a few simple exercises into your daily routine.

Thank you very much for watching!

Love Nat xx

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