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Mind Games: Successful Parenting for Sports & Life

#LivewithNat and Dr. Joann Lukins

"Mind Games: Successful Parenting for Sports & Life"

Hello everybody! Welcome to our Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of my Aussie authors, Dr. Joann Lukins.

Dr. Joann Lukins (Dr. Jo) is a two-time published author - her book "The Elite" was published in June 2019 and her second book, "In the Grandstands" was published in October 2020. Dr. Jo spends her day inside the heads of individuals, teams, and organisations – seeking to understand what makes them tick and assisting them to reach their potential. A psychological Indiana Jones, she describes it as a truly fascinating career that she is grateful for every day. She got a Ph.D. in Psychology, over 30 years of experience, and a breadth of knowledge in the sport, organisational and educational domains. She has been acknowledged as an expert in her field, being awarded an Outstanding Alumni by James Cook University for her achievements. Dr. Jo is sought after as a presenter, interventionist and for her expertise in the media space. Knowing that she has made a difference in the lives of others is the ‘why’ of her work and the most satisfying element of her career. Watch the full interview below...

Key takeaways 

1.     Why writing your second book is WAY easier than writing your first! 2.     Understanding that 70% of teenagers leave competitive sport by 13 years of age, and a parent's role in keeping your child engaged. 3.     Strategies to support you in your parenting journey through the teenage years.

Thank you very much for watching!


Nat xx

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