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Management Survival in No Man’s Land

#LivewithNat & Karen Hauschild

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Karen Hauschild.
Karen Hauschild is the author of the book Leadership in the Trenches - Proven Success Strategies for Middle-Managers to Thrive in a System They Didn't Create.

Karen is an experienced presenter, workshop facilitator, consultant, and a trained educator with a unique 30-year career in higher education. She has a background in leadership and communication, organization and planning, achieving industry-leading results.

Karen believes that good leadership comes from never giving up and always trying to better yourself. It also comes from giving yourself a break—you can’t do it right every time; but even if you’re aiming for the bullseye, you must take the blindfold off. A better you, makes a better leader.

Karen is an engaging, interactive, approachable speaker and facilitator who offers practical can-do strategies to thrive in the leadership trenches by telling stories and sharing real-life examples to inspire you to become a better leader. Watch the intervie below...

Key Takeaways:

• Have a desire and a passion for excellent leadership fueled by consistent education and a growth mindset.

• Engineer good processes while navigating previously established structures.

• Keep communication high in an effort to keep chaos low.

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