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#LiveWithNat & Lisa Brearley

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her gorgeous authors, Lisa Brearley.

Lisa is the author of the newly published book A Year Of Love. Soon, she’ll be going to publish her second book, Six Months Of Love. She has lived most of her life with the white picket fence, a husband, two kids and a dog.

Lisa started to make new choices in her life. First, learning and implementing new habits around food and, just as important, taking on herself and rediscovering her authentic self through personal development.
After making a big decision to end her 26-year marriage, she started to open her mind, heart and soul. With that, she met the love of her life, Scott Brearley in 2021 and married in 2022.

With her new sense of adventure, love and confidence, Lisa started to move forward with leaps and bounds, taking a year off from teaching and writing her first book, ‘A Year Of Love’ and her second book, Six Months Of Love, with the editor. She has begun a children's series connecting young minds to personal development and a book on nutrition.

3 Key Takeaways:
1. Stretching Your Comfort Zone For Growth
2. Finding Gratitude
3. Food Was A HUGE turning point

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