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Kissing Toads: The Ultimate Online Dating Toolbox for Women Over 50

#LiveWithNat & Julie Greig

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her gorgeous authors, Julie Greig. Julie is the author of the newly published book “Kissing Toads –The Ultimate Online Dating Toolbox for Women Over 50”.

Julie had a hard time deciding what she wanted to do when she grew up, and that led her to a very diverse background. At first, she pursued accountancy but then shifted to early childhood education, where she started working with children with disabilities. After that, she studied veterinary nursing and eventually moved to local and state politics.

Julie represented South Australia on various trade delegations and missions to China and the US. Then she returned to school in her late thirties. She earned a post-graduate degree in Public Sector Management from Macquarie University. She was married for 34 years and has two sons and three grandchildren. Her husband passed away from cancer almost a decade ago.

A few years later, Julie decided to re-enter the dating world and discovered that, as a woman in her fifties, dating had its own unique culture and language, making it challenging.

Three years ago, Julie decided to document her journey in a book where she had been candid about the difficulties and lessons she had learned. She hopes that her book will help other women like her search for their happy-ever-after in their own chapter two.

Key Takeaways:
1. A set of rules
2. How to set up a dating toolbox
3. Things to think about when you decide to date again

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