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It’s Not Over Until the Final Siren Rings

Celebrate when the Win is secured 100%…

Lately we have been playing a lot of the game ‘Uno’ with our 7-year old son Judd.  We have taught him how to strategise and be very competitive with us.  If you haven’t played Uno before, the +4 card is the strongest and it’s smart to hold onto it till the end to guarantee a certain win. 

In our family, Stuart (my husband) started having a little jingle going when he was on Uno (meaning one card Left) he’d sing out ‘It’s over’, to the other players meaning he was holding the +4 card…

So Judd started copying what his father started and was getting cocky with some of his wins with his grandma (my mum). 

We decided to sit down and play a 3-way challenge, me, Judd and my mum – whoever reaches 5 won games first is the winner.  In one of the games early on Judd declared it’s over in a cocky tone (singing out the little jingle with the words) with 2 cards to go.  He wasn’t even on Uno but was holding two +4 cards.  Normally you would think, the unbeatable combination. 

I turned around to him and said ‘Lets just play out the game Judd, so you can win properly.’ He agreed and excitedly had his first turn leaving him with one card.  What he failed to do is say ‘Uno’.  I caught him which meant he now had to pick up 2 cards as a penalty for not saying Uno.  Now he had 3 cards in his hands and was no where near winning.  Instead my mum took the win soon after.  We had a big laugh and I think he learnt a valuable lesson.  It’s not over until its over!!!

So why am I telling you this story?  Well so many times we go to celebrate way to early before the real win has come to fruition.  I don’t know about you, but early in business, inexperienced I did this a lot and I got let down a lot as it didn’t eventuate into what I thought it would.

When I started running my Ultimate 48 Hour Author retreats, I used to have so many seem interested, even give me an email or verbal ‘I am in’, and then they would pull out or change their mind for no apparent reason. 

I must say I have grown wiser in my six years in business.  I still get excited at the prospect of new opportunities, but I don’t celebrate until the true confirmation of agreement and deposit come through.  I have seen it way too many times eventuate otherwise that it doesn’t even bother me any more.  I always know I will win the right people that are right for my business to work with.

There is another train of thought when things don’t eventuate positively meaning either the other person is not ready for you or you are not ready for the opportunity.  Knowing this deep down creates a space to be relaxed about outcomes being positive or negative (Committed to getting an outcome but not attached!) and to know deep down that I will earn the right to have certain things in my life when I have done the work and proven myself to be worthy of those opportunities.

I see way too many people worry about – What if I get that client and I have no idea how to help them?  If this has been you please Stop, as you will never get anything you are not ready for.  Rather than putting blocks between you and opportunities, say Yes to everything and watch them come in floods.  Have an awesome day and remember – It’s not over until the Final Siren rings!

Work Hard – Play Hard

Love Nat x

P.S. Here is Judd not so happy with his two +4 cards...

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