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I Should Be F’N Dead

Staying Positive Through A Load of Health Challenges

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Emmilia Sullivan.

Emmilia O’Sullivan is an inspirational young lady who has faced life’s challenges head on and always does so with positivity and humour. She is full of life, enthusiastic, and very passionate about providing support to people like her that have been through horrendous medical issues/diagnoses.

In Emmilia’s short 30 years, she has endured more medical diagnoses’ than one person would experience in their entire lifetime including Nephrectomy, Kidney Transplant, Spinal Fusion, Neck Dissections, Cardiac Arrest, Craniotomy, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Pneumonia, Sepsis and so much more! She has defied all odds over and over again and is here to tell the tale.

Emmilia has written a book about her life in the hope to inspire others and show them you can come out great on the other end so that is exactly what she did and now shares her experiences with “I Should be F’N Dead!”

An open and approachable speaker, Emmilia shares all her experiences within the medical world with her audiences leaving them hopeful of the future and inspired to overcome any challenge they may face. Having someone that you can relate to gives a sense of comfort during the bad times and knowing that you are not alone truly helps. And as an added bonus, she may even make you laugh!

Emmilia is available to speak to support groups, events, organisations, schools and within the community. Her main topics are:

The Power of a Positive Mindset
- How to cope when receiving a life changing medical diagnoses
- Never giving up – The John Cena Way
- Celebrating the small wins

The Ultimate Recovery Conditions
- The keys to looking after yourself
- How to listen to your body
- Building the resilience muscle

Getting Up From Rock Bottom
- The power of practicing gratitude
- Finding your purpose
- Baby Steps for Big Outcomes

To enquire about engaging Emmilia to speak at your next event email to enquire about pricing and availability.

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