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Get Out Of Your Head, It's A Mess In There!

Live with Nat & Art Dielhenn

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing USA authors, Art Deilhenn.

Art Dielhenn, CPCC, is a certified career coach living in Los Angeles.

After graduating with distinction from The University of Wisconsin with a degree in Communications, Art headed West to pursue his TV career settling in Hollywood, where he directed over 15 pilots and 300 prime-time episodes, including Punky Brewster, Head of the Class, Silver Spoons, Webster, and Sister/Sister.

Art's experience navigating the entertainment industry and two years of study at The Coaches Training Institute prepared Art to transition to his next career as a Certified Career Coach establishing Los Angeles Coaching in 2000.

Flash-forward to June 2020, (that was fast) the pandemic is raging and Art decides to double down on his own sanity and serenity tools by writing about the aphorisms and slogans he’s collected over the years.

And Voila! Get Out Of Your Head It’s a Mess In There come to be offering 101 simple aphorisms for better thinking and living.

Three Keys:
Write Like You Talk
Don't Listen To Your Gremlin
Identify Your Audience
Have Fun

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