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First Things Come First

Do You Prioritise Well in Your Small Business?

The other day when I ran a Hot Seat at our home the conversation came up as to how to correctly plan a week or a timeline for the businesses in the room.  To this I had no clear cut answer because in running a solopreneur type business there are so many hats that you have to wear, that prioritisation of the most important activities must be mastered depending on where you are at in your business.

We unpacked the 7 core areas you would be spending you time in a week and this is what we determined those % to be.  The first percentage is if you are New and haven't got many or any clients and the second is when you are established and are servicing many clients...

1. Sales 10% , 15% - in peak work times or as required you respond to sales conversations

2. Networking 30%,  15% in peak work times and evenings sometimes

3. Marketing 41%, 33% in peak work times 

4. Admin 5%, 15% (10% of this should be outsourced to a VA when you are established) Off Peak

5. Social Media 10%, 10% Off Peak - sometimes Peak (depends when your target market is on)

6. Delivery of services 3%, 20% Peak or Off Peak depends how you schedule it

7. Accounting/Bookkeeping 1%, 2%  Off Peak

These percentages are based on how I used to prioritise and how I split my time across the different areas in approximately a 40-50hour week.  Creative activities do not factor in here as I would always do them outside of working hours.

Bottom line is key working hours when the world is in hustle mode are Monday to Friday 9-5.  Number 4, sometimes 5 and 7 are definately not sections of your business you should be wasting time in times when you should be out and about creating opportunities, speaking with people and marketing your business.  If you are not servicing clients in core hours then you should be hustling (Sales and Marketing).

You don't need a super segmented plan you just need to ask yourself one key question in your Monday to Friday peak hours: Is what I am doing right now going to get me the fastest way to revenue/cash?

If the answer is 'no' stop doing what you are doing and do what will.  Do what you are avoiding and get out from behind your computer and out there with people.

This week I missed writing my Blog for 3 days in a row as I had just re-started my events after a Month off and completed 3 days where I hustled or delivered services from the moment I woke to midnight each day.  The blog was not the thing that I had prioritised and I don't feel bad.  I know I am consistent - I know its not about an All or Nothing attitude and I know I may miss a few days as I approach my big Interstate tour visiting Canberra and Sydney next week for collectively 6 events and heaps of meetings and then Hobart the week after.  

Focus on what will get you to a result, don't keep busy for the sake of being busy and if you are not getting the results you want re-visit your % of time and where you spend it.  Have an awesome weekend!

Work Hard - Play Hard!

Love Nat x

P.S. Here is a pic of my eventful week in Melbourne.  I smashed out 4 super fun events and got back into it full steam ahead.  If you want to be part of our next home based Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint for Business Success event click here or email me here for any other dates for the other cities I am going to :) 

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