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Empowerment and Finding Yourself after Domestic Violence and Abuse

#LivewithNat and Sandy Maeck

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Sandy Maeck.

Sandy is the author of ‘The Unwanted Wife’, a story of arranged marriage, violence, and abuse. 

Sandy’s story is similar to The Unwanted Wife when she married a stranger at 18. She was the target of domestic violence and abuse, yet she had the courage and strength to survive and transform her life to become the woman she is today.    

Sandy shares her journey – a true testament to the power of a woman. She shares her powerful and inspiring story as a call to action for women who face similar battles.  

Sandy is a strong advocate against domestic violence and abuse and provides consultations for women who are dealing with domestic trauma. She is also a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.   As Founder of STCC Dance Academy, Sandy volunteers with youths and adults in her community, sharing her love for the art form of dance, and is the proud recipient of several civic and volunteer awards in her community.  

See Sandy's interview below:

Key takeaways:

1. Surviving Domestic Violence and Abuse  

2. Empowerment After Domestic Violence and Abuse; and   3. Health and Lifestyle Changes. 

If interested, to inquire about Sandy’s services or to book her to speak at your event(s), please contact her by phone (416) 722-3998 or by email . 

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