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Does Your Workplace Culture Suck?

#LivewithNat & Amanda Aravena

Hello everybody! Happy new week! Another Monday morning live with me, Natasa Denman, featuring one of my Publishing Only Authors, Amanda Aravena.

Amanda is a corporate trainer and an accredited DISC behavioural profiler. She is the author of the recently published book "Workplace Whisperer".

Amanda has a passion for training as not just a way to impart knowledge, but a way to empower others through shared knowledge. She is the founder of Unique Team Training which provides team building and professional development programs for organisations. Watch her interview below...

Thank you so much for watching!

Here are Amanda's 3 Take-Aways:

* Getting workplace culture right at every step of the employee lifecycle is paramount.

* DISC behavioural profiling improves teamwork and communication

* Invest in your team training - the government is giving organisations a 120% tax break for the next 2 years to do so

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