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Discover Self-Care Right Now, Before Burnout Changes Everything!

#LivewithNat & Emma Mathews

Hello everybody! Happy new week! Another session of our Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of my self-care advocate-authors, Emma Mathews.

Emma Mathews is a Self-Care Specialist, Burnout Recovery Expert, Professional Speaker, tranquillity seeker, and author of “Stop Giving Start Living”. She is passionate about helping professionals and mamas find how they can reclaim their lives and get through the mix of work, family, and expectations in today’s demanding world, with more calm and less stress. 

Emma believes self-care and downtime are an essential part of replenishing lost energy amongst all the ‘busy’. In her book, she shows you how to redefine and discover what you really need, and give back to yourself with kindness and self-compassion, before burnout changes everything. 

Let Emma guide and empower you on your journey to recovery with practical solutions to de-stress and refocus on a path to relaxation and self-care. She knows first-hand how burnout can creep up when we least expect it and is dedicated to reducing the high rate of burnout that currently befalls todays over-busy, information-overloaded society. 


3 key takeaways:

1. Give back to yourself and value ‘Me time’ as precious.

2. Stop giving away all your energy and reclaim the life you want. 3. Notice what you need every day and invest in chillout hacks. Get to know more about Emma at Find us at

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