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3 Reasons You Don't make a Decision

The spoken reason is usually not the one...

Making decisions is one of the most important traits of business people. How you make them and how quickly or slowly you change them is a key determining factor to your success. Often when we don't want to make a decision or are scared we come up with the usual BS excuses of I don't have the Time or Money.

One thing I know is that its never about time or money.  Delving into this deeper and I love to explore the human psyche, I found three core reasons of why someone does not go ahead with a decision.  I have also learnt and experienced this first hand and know to leave out the BS reasons out of every decision I make.  So I am going to be brief here and straight to the point.  It's the weekend so I am sure you want to get on with fun stuff as myself :) 

To put in into perspective my business helps individuals become first time authors through our Ultimate 48 Hour Author retreats.  It's a big decision for people when they meet me to do the program.  Usually time is a smaller portion of the reasons they would not commit as we complete it in just 48 hours, but money is certainly is a big one that I've had to content with providing a high end program... So here are the top 3 reasons why a person does not make a decision on purchasing your product or service.  

1. They don't see the VALUE in your Product or Service.  You have either not communicated it completely or this person just doesn't see the Value matching to the price point.  Sometimes people may think they can take away the small amount of information you have shared and do it all themselves.  Work on describing the Value to outweigh the asking price by 4 times.

2. Your Product or Service is actually not on top of their list of PRIORITIES. They may have thought its important, came and saw you and then realised that other things are more important right now and they want to attend to those first. This can be a bit of an excuse especially for those that play out the strategy or WAITING FOR ALL THEIR DUCKS TO LINE UP.  In my life and for those very successful this is a legitimate reason as at a high level you must prioritise what to focus on and where you will have the biggest impact first.

3. This last one is huge and I find mostly the reason why people don't commit or make a decision on starting something new. I don't know about you, but I am not into wasting money. I have never bought in so much a book and not read it. Going to programs, working with mentors - same thing. I hate being wasteful but most importantly letting myself down. So when I invest I must do the work and follow through to get a return on my investment.  

So when I was investing in my last mentor and making a decision on whether I would do it or not, my little reason of 'I Can't afford' it also propped its ugly head, but upon talking to myself and saying this: 'Natasa what is this really about, you know time and money are just an excuse, so what is it really about?'  

A little voice said back to me 'Are You Willing to do the WORK?' Because if I was going to invest the amount I was faced with investing which was something I had never paid for anyone, I also had to work hard to make it work for me.  I was 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child at the time and I wasn't sure if I had it in me to commit for 6 months to this mentor.  

I did because I wanted results, I didn't want to be stuck where I was and upon making the decision I generated sales in the first few days following before we officially started that would cover the first 2 months and then ridiculous amounts in the first 8 days and 2 months later we were well on our way to our first million dollar year.  In hindsight yes of course, what was I worried about, but at the time I was sick to my stomach and super scared or what would happen if I said Yes.

Often we must make Leap of Faith type of decisions and unfortunately we won't have the answer we desperately need to predict the future. SAY YES THEN WORK OUT THE HOW! You have to trust in the process, the universe and most importantly YOU! If You Back yourself you will find a way to make it a work as long as you DO THE WORK!

Have a great weekend! Check out the video below where I talk about the decision people make and don't... Fresh from my workshop yesterday via Facebook Live Streaming

Love Nat x