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    Group Book Launches

    The Ultimate 48 Hour Author organizes Book Launch every quarter of the year for those Authors who have successfully completed their books and finally printed. The launch is usually filled with surprises, connection with other businesspeople/entrepreneurs, and fun. With your ticket, you will take home your favorite book on the night plus with some nibbles and drink.




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    How do you manage your cashflow? What will you do if people are cancelling from your events? Here, we will tackle about hacks about cash management and how to handle situations when people are pulling out. Let me share this to you: Thank you for watching! Love Nat x
    Hey guys! Let's talk about time and money! Hope you bagged huge tips from this talk. Coming up is our 21st Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat then we will take our mid-year break. Time for playing hard :)   Thank you for watching! Love Nat x
    Do you always travel for Business purposes? Get to watch this topic on travel hacks. Thank you for watching, we just finished our Ultimate 48 Hour Author Tour in the United States and now we're going back to Australia for more of our whole workshops in different cities.   Work hard, play hard! ...
    Hey guys! Today let's talk about going International! It's not easy in entering ventures like this but you will know my secrets how I did it! Thank you for taking time to watch this video :)   Going international is amazing! You will get to know more people with different cultures and...
    "Underestimating your worth allows others to ignore your value." - Looney Lane   Hey guys! Let's talk about Underestimation of No's in Business and how do we deal with it! Expect anything from anyone, just like underestimation :)   Hope you learned heaps from this talk, thanks for watching!  ...
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  • Natasa's Journey

    Let me tell you my STORY...

    May 2010 my life changed. I became a business owner! I studied human behaviour, mindset and loved to give people the gift of self-awareness. That was too fluffy as I like put it. I looked at myself, the experiences I've had and how I could help others solve their problems.

    At first I helped people Lose the Last 10 Kilos via Mindset Coaching. This was a hard slog with the defining moment being the publishing of my first book The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss. As soon as I became an Author, my practice was full within 90 days. I then wrote a program and ended up licensing the full system within the next 12 months of which I sold 33 Licenses in Australia and 1 in the US. This took me beyond 6 figures in my practice.

    I started being seeked out to help others write their books and programs due to the success I had in bringing mine out. So I transitioned into that niche fully and nowadays I will only work with coaches, consultants, speakers, practitioners and entrepreneurs to assist them in becoming authors quick fast and write their programs so they can leverage and generate passive income over selling their time for money.


    My husband quit his job two years ago and we nowadays run a thriving 7-figure business that is location free from home. We have helped over 120 others so far publish their books via the Ultimate 48 Hour Author Program in just the last 2.5 years with 100% success rate.


    My expertise comes from doing the do, I did not invent something from nothing. Once I've done it, trialled it to be successful, then I teach it to others. I have worked with mentors since the early months of starting in business and continue to stretch and grow every single day. I believe in investing in systems that will show you the shortcuts and get you to your goals faster than working it all out yourself.

    I have 3 Children under 6 - my journey in Business has been by Juggling Babies and Business and living by my motto of 'Take Action, No Excuses and Focus on Goals'


    This year I am a finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards for Product Innovation (winners announced mid Oct 2014) and have been nominated twice for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award 2012 and 2013.

  • Books

    Published Books by Natasa Denman - CLICK ON BOOK IMAGE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE IT!

    Shut up and Write Your First Book

    There are two types of First-Time Author wannabe’s….


    Type 1: Has a little voice in their head that for the past 5-10 years has been saying: you are not good enough, who will ever want to read your book, what if you get criticised, other people have written on this topic before, what if you get stuck with a garage full of books, you need to learn more, know more and be more before you do it… What will others think of me? This is unfortunately 80% of first time authors.


    Type 2: Has the confidence but doesn’t know where to start, has too much content to share, can’t be bothered working all this out themselves, is looking for a quick shortcut to save time and money, knows the value of a book and just wants to get it done – Yesterday! These people are 20% of first time authors. In this book Natasa Denman unlocks the answers to all of the above and more. She covers the 48 Reasons that are standing in your way to help you Get Over Yourself and finally write that first book… Read it and get on with it!


    “It’s not about writing your first book, It’s about the person you become at the other end of it”

    -Natasa Denman-

    Guilt Free Parents

    Due out Sept 2017

    What the hell did you do before you had children? What did you spend all your time on? Do you remember time when you only had to worry about yourself? Don't worry, neither can we.


    Life changes dramatically when you become a parent and with all that comes Parental Guilt and the need to bring in more money into the family in a small fraction of the time that used to have.


    Natasa & Stuart Denman share a tell all account of the last 7 years since starting their now 7-Figure home-based business Ultimate 48 Hour Author while juggling building it up from nothing with their young family raising their 3 kids Judd, Mika and Xara.


    If you are a Solopreneur parent of children not yet of school age, this book will give you strategy, tips and piece of mind to succeed on your journey to building your business while still fulfiling your parental duties and having quality time with your children.

    Ultimate 48 Hour Author

    Have you always wanted to write a book and didn’t know where to start? Or perhaps you see it as this gigantic mountain of a project to complete and that’s always being put in the ‘too hard’ basket? It doesn’t have to be that way. Writing books is meant to be fun, easy and super rewarding.


    In this book, Natasa Denman reveals her successful system around getting your book written in just 48 hours! She has done it a few times now, helped many others do it for themselves and now you can do it too. Read the strategies and system you need to follow, all in a step by step format to have the success you truly deserve.


    Change the face of your business, increase your self-worth, be perceived as a leader and position yourself as the Expert in your field. The process of writing books is no longer time consuming and expensive. In this book you will find the tools, steps and actions you need to take to become an Author in 48 Hours.


    Write A Book

    Build Your Business

    Change Your Life

    – Natasa Denman –

    Natasa Denman Reveals...

    1000 Days to a Million Dollar Coaching Business from Home



    Did you know…

    - Less than 1% of coaches ever earn six figures from their businesses

    - 95% of coaches will spend more on their education than they will ever earn from their businesses

    - 9/10 will quit within 9 months of starting their business!


    In this book Natasa Denman Reveals how you too can be in that 1% of coaches that live life on their terms running six and ultimately seven figure practices from anywhere in the world. The formula is simpler than you think. By following the steps and taking action consistently those results can be yours. For Natasa it was 1000 days to reach the seven figure mark.


    A mother of 3 children under six, Natasa proves that with a desire to create the Ultimate Lifestyle for her family and passion to provide the Ultimate Results for her clients nothing is impossible. She shares her personal story, events and beliefs that have moulded her into who she is today. Read the story, Get the System, Build Your Ultimate Life.


    Bums on Seats -

    How to Promote Prepare & Profit from Webinars, Seminars and Retreats


    • Are you sick of working one on one and want to leverage you time via events?
    • Is your biggest fear around running events ‘Will anyone show up?’
    • Are you ready to step up and reach a wider audience that needs to hear your message?


    Getting ‘Bums on Seats’ is the single biggest challenge in running events.  In a world that is turning more and more to online solutions, this has increased the level of difficulty to get people into seminar rooms.  Once you know how to do it successfully, you can easily profit from events and leverage your time to reach those far and wide.


    Natasa & Francesca run successful seminar based businesses for the public market and continue to consistently fill their rooms full of their ideal clients.  Their system is simple – 80% of the time you focus on Promoting and 20% on Preparing and Profiting from your efforts.


    The strategies and secrets they share in this book are relevant to todays fast paced world and most are low or no cost to execute.  Lets get you some Bums on Seats!

    The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss

    Having read many self-improvement books and philosophical explanations of human behaviour, author Natasa Denman really wanted to make this guidebook very practical and hands on for the reader. In this newly published book, she shares The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss.


    For those who want a step-by-step system that will assure success in their pursuit to lose unwanted weight, this book, with all its concepts, facts, and actions to take, will guarantee success. It gets them to their goal weight in the fastest time possible. Everything discussed and suggested in this book has been researched and proven to work. There will be amazing results by gaining the understanding and tools along the way.


    This book is not just a weight loss book. It can be applied in many different areas of life where one may be stuck and want momentum to move forward. “If you follow the principles and structures then you will have the results. It is you that will make the changes and that means taking 100% responsibility for your actions and outcomes going forward. Drive your own bus and live life on your terms now and forever,” says the author.

    Ninja Couch Marketing

    Marketing your Business from the Couch?


    Is it really possible?


    With over 10 years of combined experience working from home, Donna Brown and Natasa Denman are experts at marketing from the couch and working in their PJ’s. They love the flexibility that working from home gives them and now they want to share their secrets with you.


    For those of you who want to learn how Social Media can explode your business, the formula of a killer website, how to generate sales in excess of $30,000 from running an online webinar from your couch and much, much more, this book is perfect for you.


    The Ninja Business Chicks will show any business how to create an abundance of sales and profit by unpacking their step-by-step instructions that you can implement right now. The best thing is it’s easy, simple and anyone can do it. Don’t delay your success especially since you can start taking action today with the tools shared in this book.

    You Can…Live the Life of Your Dreams

    If you have ever wished your life was easier, or better, that you had more money or didn’t have to work so hard then know that you are not alone. Most people, when asked what they would wish for, would wish for many of these same things. The great news is that you don’t have to spend your valuable time, and money, trying to find all the answers you seek.


    The secrets to success in all areas of your life have been brought together in this one book, You Can… Live The Life Of Your Dreams and it’s is written by Australia’s Success Coaches, World Class Athletes, Best Selling Authors, Key Note Speakers and Corporate Trainers. Many of these incredible individuals, at one point their lives, came to a turning point where they faced a crisis, life-changing moment or life-and-death situation, which changed the way they viewed the world and their lives for the better, forever…


    They share with you all that they have learnt so that you too can benefit from their experience and lessons to fast track your pathway to success. So you too can live the life you truly want, deserve and can now have.

    Speaking Successfully


    'Writing your first book is not about the book, but about the person you become at the other end of it.' Natasa Denman


    After having seen thousands of people give into fear, self-doubt, lack of time and money, it has become a mission of mine to bring out a resource that will help first time authors 'Get Over Themselves' and finally take the leap into writing the book they have always dreamt of.


    This book will unravel the 48 reasons that stand in your way and how to overcome them. It opens up the human psyche when it comes to mustering up the courage to share your story or message.


    Don't let another 5-10 years pass before you consider writing your first book. Get the tools, mindset hacks and strategies to trick youself into getting it done.

    Received in April 2016

    It was a great honour to receive the Certified Speaking Professional from the Professional Speakers Association in under two years from joining the association.  I look forward to serving many companies and entrepreneurs through my keynotes and presentations.

  • Products by Natasa denman


    Natasa is passionate about helping business owners explode their business by writing a book. Her value comes in the form of 100% success rate for her clients. It isn't enough for her that you think about writing a book. Natasa will give you all the tools to write it and then use it to leverage your business.


    Blaise Van Hecke - Busybird Publishing


    I just wanted to let you know that I’m attracting a lot of quality speaking opportunities at the moment. Just today Rotary has asked me to speak for them, not to mention a paid speaking gig at 'Jeffs Shed’ coming up in September.  This is just the beginning!


    In all honesty I didn’t embrace the full value of my book, but I now realise the power of it when I hand it over to CEO’s, managers and organisers, it's really a calling card on steroids! It places you as the expert. My second book is well underway, so if you have anyone out there let them know to just trust in the process and enjoy the opportunities its attracts!


    - John Sharkey - Author of 'Quest to Freedom'


     If there is such a thing as a business barometer my journey since joining the very first Author weekend in in October 13 would be going from below zero to beyond hero in what felt like as soon as I opened that first box of my new books earlier this year. I actually can't believe it hasn't even been a year yet - life is not the same. The entire experience has been life changing. I often refer to this experience as one big accelerated adventure into a world full of possibilities I would never have dreamed of.


    The book is the physical bonafide product, the tangible 'thing' I set out to produce. The surprise, delight and unexpected intangible that came with the personal transformation after this experience is the demand, the attention and get this, earlier this month, the phone call for 750 copies of my book to go out to retail stores around Australia including all Target Victorian stores. All in 6 months. This is no fiction, true story all the way. If you love the idea of an express ticket out of playing small fry, hang out with the Denman's for a weekend. You will eat, you will drink and write the book you want to read all in 48 hours, just strap yourself in for the ride!


    - Despina Karatzias - Your Tourism Excellence


  • Media

    Media Bio:


    Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. A highly sought after Professional Speaker (CSP accredited), coach and mentor, Natasa is a 7 time published author and creator of the game changing business model, Ultimate 48 Hour Author.  She has helped over 120 solopreneurs become first time published authors in just 2 years.


    In 6 short years in business, Natasa has been nominated for The Telstra Businesswoman of the Year twice and was a finalist in AusMumpreneur of the Year in Product Innovation.


    Appearing in all major media outlets across Australia including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and The Age, Natasa is changing the way people do business in Australia and now runs a 7-figure business with her husband and 3 children traveling the country spreading her message and helping small business thrive.



    Curious about what really happens at the Ultimate 48 Hour Author Weekend!  Check out this 3 Minute Video...

    Ultimate 48 Hour Author Media Coverage

  • Expertise

    Natasa focuses on 4 Main areas in her Businesses. Her clients hire her because:


    1. She walks her talk - has authored 7 books and helped over 120 other entrepreneurs do the same with 100% success rate.

    2. Turns Fun into $$$ - Her Top 3 Values are Fast Fun and Fame.

    3. She is the Ultimate Mumpreneur - with 3 Children under 8 and living her Ultimate Lifestyle of travelling almost 4 months in each year


    Specialises in Coaches, Practitioners, Speakers, Consultants & Entrepreneurs


    Topics on Building Personal Brands, Expertise, Credibility, Authoring and Leverage via Products and Intellectual Property



    Founded a system whereby aspiring Authors complete their books in Just 48 Hours

    Small Business

    Has been running her Small Business from home for now 5 years and is able to assist those wanting to do the same as aspire to grow from 6 to 7 figures in annual turnover.

  • Businesses

    Ultimate 48 Hour Author

    Ultimate 48 Hour Author Sep 2013 - Present

    This brand assists business owners in developing a book from their vast expertise to gain credibility, expertise and recognition in their business. The book is utilised as a super powerful Marketing Tool that sees new businesses and ones that want to take it to the next level gain exposure and demand upon it's release.

    I run this retreat 4 times per year for a maximum of 10 Participants. Check out my website http://www.ultimate48hourauthor.com.au for tons of Free Resources and Information on this business and life changing program!

    Ninja Business Chicks

    Red Ninja Jan 2013 - 2014

    Together this dynamic duo (Red and Purple Ninja) have helped hundreds of businesses grow, run training programs, workshops and seminars, spoken at local council events, chatted on the radio and more. The sky is the limit with these two....all run from their own homes. Yes they go out and have lunch meetings with clients and more - but at the end of the day, they work from home and they LOVE IT!

    The Red Ninja is Natasa Denman! She speciliases in the mindset. Getting down into the nitty gritty of motivation, goal setting, product creation, how to think like a successful business person and help you with your behaviours so you can grow as quick as possible! She about action and moving forward....doing the do as she puts it! After writing an entire book in 80 days, this Ninja definitely knows how to get things done!

    The Purple Ninja - is Donna Brown! She specialises in thinking outside the square with technology and helping you make the most of what you have at home to help your business grow! She asks all of the right questions and puts a new spin on things to help you widen your horizons! Her biggest thing is making sure your business is transportable. Can you take it anywhere? If not lets shake things up :)


    Ultimate Business Edge

    Ultimate Product Specialist Feb 2011 - 2014

    Fame to Business Owners through Books and Programs - IP into Profit through Product Development - CREDIBILITY - EXPERT - PASSIVE INCOME - LEVERAGE

    Following the release of my first book The 7 Ultimate Secrets To Weight Loss and writing my first program 7 Hours to Achieving Your Ultimate Body, I discovered my hidden talent and passion in writing and creating products from Intellectual Property. I ran this business for a year before formalising it under this brand as people would find me and ask me to help them do what I had done.

    Subsequently I have 3 books published and created two businesses in a box (5 systemised programs in total). Within this business I offer a Business in a Box for business coaches, consultants and facilitators that teaches them how to assist others in turning their Intellectual Properly into products such as books, programs, CD/DVD series.

    I now run the Ultimate 48 Hour Author Weekend Retreat in Victoria, where 10 business owners come away 4 times per year and write their books in 48 Hours. Full Package from Start to Finish Includes Publishing Package, accommodation, meals, photo shoot, mentoring and tons more Bonuses!


    Ultimate Weight Loss

    The Ultimate Weight Loss Coach Apr 2010 - 2013

    Assisting Health and Wellness Professionals around adding the missing link into their business - Mindset.

    Ultimate Mindset Success Program - 12 Step Transformational System is ideal for Generalist Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, any other Health and Wellness professionals and those that have lots weight and kept it off and now want to help others do the same.

    Get Licensed from Just $197 per Month!!!

    Specialties: Completing the Missing Puzzle in Health - Ultimate Mindset Success Program - 12 Step Transformational System

  • Education

    The Coaching Institute

    Life Coaching, Diploma in Life Coaching 2010 - 2011

    NLP Practitioner
    Practitioner in Matrix Therapies
    Performance Coach
    Trainer, Speaker & Author

    Swinburne University of Technology

    Psychology, Psychophysiology, Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology/Psychophysiology 1996 - 1999

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    I am big on Social Media and Building Relationships - businesses are built on relationships so lets connect and get to know each other.



    Melbourne, Australia

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